Intuitive Insight

As a spontaneous adjunct to reiki and energy healings, even nutritional consults, I sometimes “channel”. Whether we are meeting for the first time or know each other well, each session begins with an attitude of attuning to the known, the unknown, & forces of benevolent guidance.

At times I find myself in a transcendental conversation with your “subconscious” self, or your “higher” self, as well as other forms of guidance.

My “psychic” abilities were initially trained through reading the tarot; they stay in practice through daily application of Raymon Grace’s dowsing system. While I believe that we all are psychic, my inner “medium” may have some suggestions for you; should you be open to listening, you are encouraged to tell me what you think about the intuitive insights.

My readings manifest in a non-hierarchical fashion, and more as a dialogue. I like to know whether you like it, don’t like it, find it useful, don’t understand…’s all part of increasing faculty with a multidimensional universe. Predictions of the future are not one of my gifts. More so I channel unique reflections on the present moment and observation of past influences and how they influence the Now. I often receive verbal affirmations for empowerment, structured to positively influence the future.

Currently I am focusing most of my energy work on “dowsing” with a pendulum to effect clearing of the aura, astral field and karmic body. I generally prefer to do this kind of clearing prior to commencing reiki healing. I find that removing non beneficial psychic cords and opportunistic entities from one’s biofield is a good strategy for getting the most out of subtle body healing.

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