Alchemical Nutrition

From spring water and harvest apples, to complex herbal formulas and recreational eating, everything we ingest has an influence on both psyche &  physiology. Some substances can nurture & strengthen, others can dramatically mutate our perspective and personality.

As a support to my practice as an energy healer, I often counsel my friends & clients in modifying their dietary practices. I believe that the cleaner the body, the more accurate our receptivity to subtle frequency and the greater our chance at sustaining happiness. Learning how common ingredients & stimulants (i.e. wheat and caffeine) can interfere with receiving subtle energy can be an eye opening experiment and lifestyle shift.

My personal health challenges  have made innovation in the kitchen and acquisition of knowledge pertaining to alternative medicine a grand necessity. I’ve come by some interesting perspectives on diet, detoxification and culinary regime. My kitchen is reflective of years as a vegan, vegetarian and raw foodist, with an emphasis on superfood nutrition, liquid dieting, & the Body Ecology diet. Paring down with ongoing detoxification and toughening up with the wisdom of the Paleolithic diet has become another essential element to sustaining incarnate existence. I often travel with an herbal apothecary, a vitamix, and a head full of recipes worthy of a beaker.

Consistent cleansing of our hard working bodies is essential. If you eat, you must cleanse. One may think that because brown rice is a chosen staple and red meat is not, that then cleansing  is perhaps less of a need. However regardless of what we eat, the fact of the matter is that our digestive system needs rest, and our spirit bodies need opportunity to draw in the essence of the stars. This is so much easier to do when integration of denser nutrition is not demanding our energy and attention.

As needed and desired, we can design your session to allow for creating a protocol lasting of anywhere from one to thirty days, depending on what your physical & spiritual existence may need at this time.

While creating clearing through receiving reiki can certainly improve one’s energy, I also like to share knowledge on increasing physical energy.

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