Liver & Gallbladder Flush

I invite you to treat your body to a liver/gallbladder flush, based on the protocol detailed by American health pioneer Dr. Hulda Clark ( This cleanse is simple, quick, and transformational. I recommend creating space away from social interaction and activities requiring an output of energy and/or finding a like minded friend to do it with. Comraderie really helps in getting through the brief fasting portion of this quick cleanse. For first time flushers, the benefit of collective focus is invaluable. I had my first go at gallbladder flushing with an adventurous crew of detoxers on the island of Maui. It left me exhausted, relieved, and grateful that those around me were also getting olive oil and grapefruit juice down the hatch rather than coconut smoothies the Friday evening before our overnight detox. This cleansing protocol can be repeated every two weeks, according to Dr. Clark, until several thousand stones have been eliminated. Six months to a year can be waited to repeat a series of flushes. The benefits of cleansing the liver and gallbladder of gallstones are:

*improved digestion
*healthier blood
*increase of alkalinity and nutrient absorption
*decreased bloating & gas
*less irritability
*greater energy
*improved overall detoxification capacity

*approx 2-4 cups filtered water, as needed
*4 tbs epsom salts
*organic lemon OR pink grapefruit (1 large or 2 small; enough to squeeze out 2/3 cup juice)
*1/2 cup organic olive oil (lighter in color is easier to swallow)
*mix oil and grapefruit juice together in a jar or blender and refridgerate if preparing in advance; remove from fridge to bring to room temperature an hour or two before drinking.

*Abstain from supplements all day
*Eat a no fat breakfast and lunch (avoid fats, oils and things like avocado)
*By 2PM stop eating or drinking anything other than lemon water and herbal tea (if that)
*At 6PM, drink your first dose of Epsom salts: mix 1 tbs salt w 3/4 cup H2O and send it back
*At 8PM, drink your second dose of Epsom salts (repeat measurements of first dose)
*At 10PM, drink (with a quickness) your delightful citrus & oil concoction, and LAY DOWN straight away. Lights out. Or just lay down and relax if you cant fall asleep. DO NOT get up and move around. If you are a night owl, try to get to bed by midnite and adjust the timing accordingly. I have not tried adjusting the timing but I have friends who may never do this cleanse if they had to go to bed at a reasonable hour so, why not…….but probably best to be asleep before 11pm!!!
*Upon waking in the morning, drink your third dose of epsom salts (not prior to 6AM)
*2 hours after, take the fourth and final dose of salts for increased opening of the bowel ducts (almost done)
*Be prepared to start eliminating stones shortly after drinking your third dose of salts, and reserve several hours to stay close to a bathroom designated for your 3D clearing practice (til noon, 2pm….it varies)
*Break your fast with fresh juice two hours after the fourth dose of epsom; wait half an hour to follow with solid fruit, and two more hours to eat solid food.
*Drink lots and lots of fluids to replenish during the day.
**More extensive instructions can be found on Dr. Clark’s site…