Kidney & Adrenal Cleanse

The kidneys are a vital part of our endocrine system, and are topped off location wise by our adrenal glands. The first set of glands filter our blood countless times throughout the day (as much as 500 quarts!), and the second set while smaller perform an immense job: that of hormone & physical energy production and fight or flight response. This cleanse takes three  weeks and can be immediately repeated for a total of six weeks; it should be done once a year. The greatest benefits for me were an immediate and marked decrease in anxiety, and an increase in a sensation of being grounded, relaxed and in the moment. I even felt more “in control” of my life. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys govern the emotion of fear. Those of us who like to ingest yerba mate, chocolate,  & coffee etc most definitely need to be kind to our kidneys. Whether or not you are able to abstain entirely  from these things, do the cleanse anyways. The most essential aspect is the tea. The supplements are important, but if you want to do a moderate yet effective and less complex version, just drink the root tea (w. the goldenseal tincture) whenever you can or as needed.

Functions of the Kidneys:

  • Elimination of metabolic wastes

  • Blood pressure regulation

  • Erythrocyte production – erythropoietin (stimulates red cell production)

  • Vitamin D activation

  • Prostaglandin synthesis

  • Acid – Base balance (excretes alkaline salts)

  • Fluid balance

  • Electrolyte balance



I recommend ordering the roots from Mountain Rose herbs.
Soak these roots in ten cups of water for 4 hours or overnight:
1/4 cup hydrangea root
1/4 cup gravel root
1/4 cup marshmallow root
-bring to a boil, turn off fire and let it steep for 30 minutes
-add 8 0z wild cherry concentrate and bring back to a boil, then turn off fire
-strain the tea and refrigerate, keeping enough for 2-3 days in the frigde and freezing the rest as it spoils quickly
-drink 3/4 cup in divided doses in the morning and evening on an empty stomach
-add 20 drops goldenseal tincture to each cup, and cinnamon for taste if desired

MORNING 1 ginger capsule, 1 uva ursi capsule
AFTERNOON 1 ginger capsule, 1 parsley capsule, 1 B6
EVENING 1 ginger capsule, 2 uva ursi capsules, 1 parsley capsule, 300 mg magnesium oxide (if magnesium is already part of your routine, it need not be increased)