Colon Cleanse


*execute for a minimum of 1, to maximum 14 days*

Be our diet perfect or poor, everything we eat will result in some kind of build up of plaque in the colon. Regular colon cleansing ensures efficient digestion & elimination, clean blood and a good figure. As most people know, fiber can assist in keeping things moving. In this cleanse, psyllium husk is the central fiber used to get into the crevasses of the colon. It is paired with bentonite, a powder made from volcanic ash, to extract plaque and residues.

I sometimes keep working while on this cleanse; although a strict diet of fresh juice is ideal, in order to stay energized and functional I do this cleanse with a blended diet. The idea of taking off to Arizona or Hawaii to sit in a hot spring or lounge on the beach while cleansing is grand, but if I were set on this setting, cleansing may not happen with necessary frequency. So for my fellow city bound people, I have included on my site recipes for drinks, smoothies, and nut milks, as well as blended soups & cereal. The level of prana (earthly, elemental life force) available in a hyper urban environment simply is not enough to support a potentially exhausting series of releases and the vacuity that follows. For people who maintain a high vibe diet full of phytonutrients, minerals and serious hydration, this kind of cleansing can be tolerable. If your diet is more recreational than functional, or worse highly toxic, the process of cleansing will need to be followed by a period of extreme nutrition. While we may not get rid of as much stuff as we would if we were drinking green juice in the garden of Eden, it still creates significant change and purification. Maintaining a blended diet while colon cleansing makes it possible for people who are inescapably entrained to a very busy schedule, or addicted to a depleting diet, to release the past while staying present with the now and creating a different future. A kind of vacuity is experienced during colon cleansing; I encourage you to embrace it as space to invoke the essential energy of your fullest self.

Staying hydrated while on this cleanse can be challenging; knowing how to access the right kind of drinking water is so, so important. Not all water is created equal. I generally drink ionized, alkalinized water from my Kangen machine, buy Fiji water, or treat reverse osmosis with things that give structure and mineralization to it. You can purchase “Alkazone” drops to bring up the PH of your bottled water, or better yet purchase a distiller (distilled water must be treated with the same substances as RO water). Much bottled/distilled/reverse osmosis water is essentially dead and will not only pass right through, but might even rob you of some minerals on the way out. Well water and spring water can be really nice if you are sure of purity levels.

I recommend taking liquid mineral supplements from Morning Star Minerals; they are very energizing and promote mental vivacity and a wonderful electricity in the body. No matter how much organic “mineral rich” produce we ingest, much of earth’s topsoil is depleted, and most of us did not harvest it straight from the ground.

It can be a bit strange to not chew on anything for a week or two, but the feeling of getting rid of very outdated material (mucoid plaque) is quite gratifying. Liquid bentonite clay has remarkable powers when it comes to extracting and eliminating the residue of herbacides, pesticides and other nasties. I get such an elevated feeling from drinking this earthy white fluid made from volcanic ash.

Blessed Herbs sells their 30 day cleanse in modules; an easy way to stick to it is to get their colon cleansing kit and keep the packets of psyllium and bentonite on hand. Or you can just go to the health food store and keep a measuring spoon with you along with the ingredients. Organic India sells a good psyllium.

Be sure to take the shake on an empty stomach and at least 45 minutes before and after eating or drinking anything other than water. The bentonite can be very dehydrating so an increase of well mineralized, structured and alkalinized water is key. Coconut water, lemon juice and cucumbers will help tremendously.

It is important to either give yourself enemas, or receive colonics, while doing this cleanse. The impacted matter in the colon can be very resistant to leaving and while the P n B shake will begin the process of pulling it off the colon walls, it does not always move it out. The kit from Blessed Herbs includes “Digestive Stimulator”, which keeps things moving.

As an alternative to the Blessed Herbs packets, you could cleanse your colon with:

*1-4 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

*Nopal Blood Sugar supplement from Health Force Nutritionals (3-6 capsules)

*Oxy Mag powder

*Natural Calm powder

*Mag 07


*Chomper from Arise & Shine


1 tbs psyllium (Organic India is a good source)

1 tbs bentonite

8 oz water

-shake in a small mason jar, drink and follow immediately with another 8 0z of H2O.

On the Blessed Herbs cleanse, this drink is taken 5 times a day for five days.

Studies say that bentonite clay can be safely ingested for up to 14 days. Even one day of “paleotherapy” will reflect well in your health.

The recipes on my site are designed to give you an idea of how to approach blended dieting; there are many ways to go about it and I would love to know of any ideas you come up with.

Cleansing is not simply something we do to or for ourselves, it is a skill we cultivate. If starting with “just” one day of colon cleansing does not seem sincere enough, try it and see!